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BILLY BONE: Life of The Modern Man

Bone A Mod, Die A Mod, Bury Me A Mod!

Cumbria is about to gain their first Rock Star, as the talented Billy Bone performs his own blend of sixties influences, fuelled with the aggressive impact of seventies Punk rock. Entertaining packed audiences every night, record companies are desperate to sign him. Then suddenly! His world is turned upside down, as the death of his father sends him spiraling out of control; right into the praying arms of a Gypsy. This stunner easily lures him into a darker world: where she gives him his first taste of cocaine. To a mind as complicated as Billy Bone; this is going to have devastating consequences!

Songwriters opportunity!

Plans are being put forwards to put on a recording session for a group of ten songwriters in a pro studio. This will run along side some workshops aimed at building your profile and fan base. For more details please sign up to our mailing list.