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BILLY BONE: life Of The Modern Man

Bone a Mod, Die a Mod, Bury me a Mod…

Billy Bone is an extremely ambitious project that I have taken on, and without stopping I have soldiered on, on my own, now for around 3 to 4 years so far. It is a concept album, a play, a drama, a book and hopefully a film…

Yes, ambitious, crazy even, but I have an extremely artistic mind, and become obsessed with ideas and thoughts. Most of the time, I have too many to take on. This time, I knew from the beginning that this was the one, this was special! I tried and tried to convince others to get involved, but be it lazy, not convinced maybe? Or whatever the reason…

So, me it was. So, what is it about then?

 Well it’s a story about a young struggling musician set in Cumbria, who’s modernist parents move from London to Cumbria to start a new life in the Lake District. Billy is born in 1965 in Whitehaven and has a happy childhood listening to tales of the swinging sixties. He becomes fascinated with the music of that time. Disappointed by music that is current he feels like he was born at the wrong time. Often becoming isolated and withdrawn. Sometimes bullied by his dress sense and taste. He finds inner peace listening to music by The Beatles, Small Faces and The Who…. He also has passion for exploring the Lakes with his father Alan Bone. They would spend hours up there. He also became fascinated with his visits to London visiting family and friends. His god father Graham Pullen, who owned his own delivery business, used to take Billy around in his transit van, delivering to some of London’s top pubs and clubs. Billy would get to see many of the Pub Rocks elite bands setting up, rehearsing, or playing. Like a fly on the wall tutorial, the young lad would get to observe the best. See how they engaged the audience, most importantly, the strength of a great song, but also that this was not all the ingredients needed. There was attitude, looks, and some other spice, magic!

One day in 1975 he stumbled on a band that would change his life forever. In a pub in Wandsworth: a young band were rehearsing and Billy’s green light lit up. The band were the Sex Pistols. Suddenly, this young mod from Cumbria was caught up in a wave that over the next few years had blossomed into the Punk movement. Brushing shoulders with bands like The Clash, The Jam, who all had a lot of advice for the young budding musician.

Billy had set his mind on becoming a performer just like his idols from before and his now current ones. In a short time, he would see his own audience grow as his songs and performances improved. Soon record companies were prowling his gigs.

His world was about to change though, as his father ‘Alan’ was beaten up and left in a bad way.

I will leave it there though as I don’t want to spoil it. It is a big story with plenty of plots and twists along the way.

The soundtrack to this concept is very large too. Boasting two or three albums of quality songs and growing. I plan to release this as albums that will continue to grow, telling the life of Billy in finer detail, as his story, and within his own music too. So, I have some fantastic surprises in store.

So please subscribe to my newsletter as I build this. It is all written as a first draft and most of the songs are recorded for the first stage. I have a single ready to be released as Billy Bones first song. I have just had a series of other things to be in place first so watch this space.